Episode 17

Published on:

24th Jan 2021

SCP 17 Alexis Williams and Aloha Glamour

Everyone welcome to one of the most exciting shows I've had the pleasure of hosting. Alexis "Lexi" Williams is an Air Force vet, a former air traffic controller, local community ambassador, advocate for minority business owners, and the owner of Aloha Glamour--recipient of BeyoncĂ©'s Bey-good impact fund. Alexis talks with us about her clothing brand, her push to highlight black business in South Mississippi, and her impetus for creating the business in the first place. 

This was a very meaningful episode for me. Alexis suffered a terrible tragedy. She lost a child, and her pain was unfortunately extended due to people incapable or unwilling to empathize with that loss. She channeled that frustration into motivation. Her daughter would become the lifeblood of purpose for Aloha Glamour where she would find inspiration to combine the rich, vibrant culture of Hawaii, with her roots of a black woman from the south into the image of an "Afrowaiian" Queen that his her daughter. 

Alexis' work is one of tribute to a daughter lost. She lives through her daughter. Her love manifests a legacy for her daughter--one of energy, color, culture, and confidence. This is not just the legacy of Alexis. Aloha Glamour is the legacy of her daughter as well. Everyone, please welcome, Alexis Williams.

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