Episode 27

Published on:

5th Mar 2021

SCP 27 Summer Devrow

Everyone, welcome to another election episode! My guest today is mayoral candidate. Summer Devrow is woman with a history of public service. Most recently she worked in the Public Works department for the city of Ocean Springs. Before that, she was a crossing guard helping children get to and from school. Summer is a loyal, highly productive, hardworking, and principled woman. Summer came to Ocean Springs after a fishing trip. As the story goes, they came into shore from a deep-sea sport fishing trip and refueled in Ocean Springs. Just by the view of the Harbor Summer was hooked. She sold her house in Louisiana and moved down shortly thereafter. We discuss her passions for this city and the principles which help her navigate throughout the world. I’m stoked to have had the opportunity to meet Summer. She’s a great candidate for our city.

Everyone please welcome, Summer Devrow



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