Episode 30

Published on:

11th Mar 2021

SCP 30 Greg Gipson

Good day to you all. The election episodes are rolling!! Everyone, thank you for joining me again for another episode. Today I talk to Greg Gipson. Grep is running for Alderman in ward 1. When I was connected with Greg, I was told he is a charming, polite, genuine human being, committed to helping others. One could think he was just getting talked up, but after talking to him, I found out that wasn’t the case. He has built a professional career through his work in philanthropic organizations.

Philanthropy ranks rather high for me. See, my own work in philanthropy has taught me to be a better team mate, leader, and friend. For Greg, someone who has much success in his story of helping others, his decision to run as a representative of his town is a huge benefit for the residents of ward 1 and Ocean Springs.

Greg knows what its like to manage a shoestring budget while creating an open and engaging environment so that creative ideas can emerge to get the most production out of that shoestring budget. He understands leading an organization with vision and purpose is key to a long lasting, enduring organization. Greg understands that the people involved are united to a common purpose, and that united effort is the vehicle by which the organization moves towards that vision.

That’s what Greg Gipson brings to the table in this election. I had a wonderful time chatting with Greg. I can confirm he’s a wonderful man with great ideas for the city. Everyone, please welcome, Greg Gipson



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