Episode 33

Published on:

21st Mar 2021

SCP 33 Brandon Riches

Brandon grew up on a farm in Tennessee. He attended Law School at Ole Miss (his fault, not mine). LOL. Thanks to a familiar Ocean Springs native, fellow graduate of OS High, and former Miss Mississippi, Marie Wicks, Brandon was sold on what Ocean Springs had to offer. Brandon brings the principles of empathy, hard work, meaningful understanding, and getting things right as the pillars of his political philosophy. Brandon is focused on issues that other candidates do not. For example, Ocean Springs dominates the state in many things, but inclusion is not one of them. According to the Human Rights Campaign, Ocean Springs—as diverse as it is—scores a measly 4/100 in its inclusion policies and practices!! Biloxi scores a 30. Brandon isn’t advocating a dogmatic approach to fixing this. Rather, he brings it up as an existential talking point whereby we can begin to examine ourselves as a city to make sure are promoting the diversity we seem so proud to talk about. Brandon also wishes to look at our coastlines and plan for sustainable projects which help protect against hurricanes and erosion. While that seems obvious, projects such as the swales and sidewalk along our beaches appear to say something else entirely, in my opinion. Brandon and I have a meaningful conversation about these topics and more. He’s a wonderful guy, and he’d be an asset to ward one and the city of Ocean Springs. Everyone please welcome, Brandon Riches!!




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