Episode 39

Published on:

4th May 2021

SCP 39 Patrick Mooney

""Some Place Else" is the story of an out of body experience I had while I was in a coma for 23 days. This autobiographical work leaves readers questioning the existence of their immortal soul"

Ladies and gentlemen, today I speak with Patrick Mooney. Patrick Mooney has written an incredible book. The book is called Someplace Else. It’s not heaven or hell; it’s just someplace else. The story is about Patrick’s unbelievable and miraculous story enduring a brain aneurism which put him in a coma. In that coma he experienced the pains of a past he did not experience, the present in a metaphor, and the future—which came true. His retelling of the story is incredible. I want to keep this brief because the story is so damn good. Everyone, please welcome, Patrick Mooney!!



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