Episode 41

Published on:

31st May 2021

SCP 41 Greg Gipson

Today my guest is Greg Gipson. Greg has been on the podcast before. We spoke a few months ago as the elections in Ocean Springs were gaining steam. Greg is running for alderman in the busy race of Ward 1. Greg is an Ocean Springs native. He has a passion for community and his work throughout his life reflects as much. He spends much of his time in philanthropic work. We discuss this in this episode and go into more detail in our previous discussion. Greg and I chat about his ward and the elections too. Greg has spent his time not just campaigning, but acting as an Alderman. He shares numerous stories about fixing problems that residents have after meeting them. He’s showing, very clearly, that he is capable of being the alderman for ward 1. Greg and I also discuss the ugly side of the campaign trail. This leads to a meaningful discussion which includes topics surrounding race and other minority issues. It’s an unfortunate reality. It’s a shame the current political atmosphere derails conversations about actual ideas and issues and focuses on labels, race, and other trivial subjects.

Greg is a wonderful man with a vigor for helping people. Y’all are definitely going to enjoy this episode. Everyone please welcome, Greg Gipson!!!



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